This is an example of how important film is and how unimportant equipment can be.
This was shot with professional grade b&w film using an old, old box camera with a view finder that is highly pitted (and shows the picture upside down).
dense row of trees, normal contrast
The detail is so complete, that repeated levels of contrast . . .
dense row of trees, high contrast
. . . still reveal the minutiae of the branches and retains interest.
dense row of trees, very high contrast


What can I say about this? These rotten apples really took my fancy.
I took tons of pictures of them. I solarized pictures, printed them with various levels of contrast. I guess it was the range of textures that intrigued me.
photo of rotten apples


Sometimes you have to get down to the same level as your subject.

2001, Arleska Productions, Sebastopol, CA