This photograph was taken in the late 1980s at the Whole Earth Festival in Davis, CA. The dancer is Asia--probably one of the best Middle Eastern dancers I've ever seen.

The 100 ASA film was run at 400 ASA, which resulted in very saturated color. Asia loved the photograph and used it for her publicity for quite a while. For her poster she used a b&w copy, but I like it in a slightly sepia color.

Dancer, Asia, with blue scarf. previous picture rendered in near black and white


This was taken in Sacramento, on a very hot day, late in the afternoon. It's a wonder no one had heat stroke.The shadows behind the dancer are trees.

I like this picture because I like her expression, and the play of shadows on her face and hair.

Shadows and a dancer


Spanish dancer in lacy white dress on dark stage
I loved her white dress against the black stage...


Dancers play with light and shadow as much as they play with space and time...
Blallet dancer on dark stage with spotlight


2001, Arleska Productions, Sebastopol, CA