The Bathroom

You've heard about it---here it is.

This is it in progress. This picture is closer to the real color than the next picture.

Hard to get the color right with a flash and my old scanner.

The upper walls are pressboard--a rough, ugly dark brown. The walls on the left have several coats of primer. The far wall has a coat of textured paint and the infamous CD pieces, laid in piece by piece by Morgan and me. The wall where the lamps are show the reflections from the far wall.

This is the finished product, a little washed out in color, but showing the total effect.

In all we broke up about 550 used CDs and used almost all of them. A couple of handfulls were spray-painted gold, to go with some of the fixtures. These have been interspersed randomly.

The top cabinet was originally all gray with gold hardware. The window on the other side is trimmed in the dark blue. The lower cabinet was originally white. We left the interior of the shelving and the door white and painted the rest light blue. The sink cabinet is now white, with a light blue design similar to that on the upper cabinet. The toilet and sink are very close to the blue of the lower walls.

In the daytime the effect is more subdued. At night, with the lights on there is a lot of lovely reflection on the walls and ceiling, but not as much as it looks like here. The flash on the camera adds a lot of drama.

It was a lot of work, but quite remarkable.